Selected Works


June 2015

You are being watched all the time! Eyes on the wall follow everyone that approaches them and monitor your every move with eye movement and accompanying sound.
The interactive installation 9Eyes merges camera tracking, projections and sound design. When a Kinect in the room tracks a visitor, the projected eyes on the wall start moving together with the person.

TIM – Holding Graz

December 2016

Promotion and explanation of the new mobility service in Graz.
Music & Sound Design: Nick Acorne & Valerio Zanini

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FUNtech 2015

February 2015

10th year of three workshops days organised by the FH JOANNEUM for the students of the High Schools. In three days we realised this documentary, shot and edited also by some students of the High Schools.
Music & Sound Design: Nick Acorne & Valerio Zanini
Video: Nick Acorne, Oliver Mayer, Valerio Zanini, Markus Zimmermann